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Un déodorant sans sels d'aluminium qui tient ses promesses

A deodorant without aluminum salts that keeps its promises

Are you looking for an alternative to products based on aluminum salts that is really effective? Try BIOSME PARIS natural daydry probiotics deodorant! Like the beauty bloggers of Chokomag, Venus Mag, Mademoiselle Parfum, Demaquillages, Sobienêtre or Ma beauté Noire au Top, discover the astonishing effectiveness of this natural and super-protective skin deodorant.

The patented formula of the deodorant, without aluminum salts and without controversial ingredients, combines probiotic active ingredients with remarkable anti-odor properties. These rebalance the skin's pH and, through biological action, prevent the development of bacteria responsible for perspiration odors! You sweat naturally without your sweat giving off an odor. Something to stay calm in all circumstances, even in stressful situations or in a heatwave. And if you don't want a halo on your clothes, consider washable or disposable anti-perspiration patches: they are ultra effective and 100% natural.

For maximum effectiveness, use your deodorant every day after showering on your clean, dry armpits. The more regularly you use the product, the more effective it is. No need to wait for it to dry to get dressed, it does not stain clothes!

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