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Qualified today as an organ in its own right, the microbiome is an essential element for our survival. Several types of illnesses, ranging from obesity to diabetes, psoriasis, allergies and even anxiety seem to be linked to its imbalance. The skin microbiome is acquired at birth, and populates the entire body in about two minutes, with different populations of microorganisms depending on the area of the body. Microorganisms interact with each other and with cells in the body, especially those involved in the immune system. The health of the skin and the preservation of its barrier function depend on its complex balance.

A revolution towards immuno-cosmetics

What is good for our digestive system is also true for our skin. Research on the skin microbiome has demonstrated the many benefits of using probiotics topically. Resulting from the fermentation under specific conditions of certain plants by lactic acid bacteria or yeasts, the active cosmetic probiotics have multiple beneficial effects for the health of the skin: their regulatory action of the bacterial flora, their moisturizing power, their anti -oxidizing and their anti-inflammatory action.

Probiotic ferments work by protecting the homeostasis of the skin microbiota. They promote the growth of beneficial microorganisms for the epidermis and / or inhibit the development of opportunistic bacteria responsible for imbalances. By protecting the microbiome, probiotics will allow it to fulfill its role: to fight against external aggressions such as pollution, stress, diet or viruses.

The Biosme range, your health ally for the microbiota

By developing our range of probiotic care and hygiene, we have sought to offer more than simple cosmetic, effective and natural care. The treatments in the BIOSME probiotic range respect the natural pH of the slightly acidic skin. They are rich in active ingredients that promote the balance of the microbiome: probiotics, prebiotics and post-biotics (lactic acid). We have eliminated preservatives from most of our care, as have alcohol and essential oils. Our goal: to offer your skin the possibility of regaining a lasting natural balance.

The Biosme range combines topical application care (cream, serum, washing gel, lotion, etc.) with food supplements acting on the intestinal microbiota. The combined action of these in & out treatments makes it possible to obtain faster and lasting results by acting on all the levers at the origin of skin imbalances.

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