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Un shampoing sudo-régulateur qui prend soin de vos cheveux

A sudo-regulating shampoo that takes care of your hair

This is the novelty that many of you have been waiting for. The Biosme range has been enriched with three new references: a Freshness Volumizing and sudo-regulating care shampoo, an anti-pollution detox care shampoo and a Nourishing Moisturizing care shampoo.

Why a shampoo to regulate sweating? The scalp, like the rest of the skin, perspires. To regulate body temperature, the sweat glands in the scalp produce sweat. Infants in particular manage their body temperature by sweating from the head. This localized sweating decreases with age, but it remains active during intense exercise or "stress stroke". Excessive sweating of the scalp can also be a manifestation of menopause or a side effect of a pathology. The sudo-regulating shampoo reduces the feeling of humidity at the hairline. By giving volume to the hair, it prevents them from "sticking" too much and appearing dirty from the first sweat. Sweat modifies the pH of the skin, promotes bacterial development and above all leaves "salts" on the surface of the skin and on the hair. These factors unbalance the scalp and adversely affect the health of the hair. If you don't wash your hair right after exercising, consider washing it the same evening. Leaving sweat on the scalp is not good for them.

Biosme's sudo-regulating Volumizing Freshness Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp, rebalances its pH while taking care of your hair. Its washing base, sulfate-free, gently cleanses. The probiotic and prebiotic complex cleanses the scalp without irritating it. Sage and Aloe Vera hydrolate regulates sweating and gives volume without drying out the scalp. If you also suffer from excess sebum and live in a polluted environment, opt for our Detox Shine dual action formula which will prevent your hair from "suffocating".

The right beauty and health gesture for the hair: if your scalp is wet (and / or oily) and your ends are dry, wash your hair with the Volumizing Freshness treatment shampoo, rinse them carefully, then apply a mask or mask to the ends of your hair. nourishing hair care.

And to reinforce the effectiveness of the freshness shampoo, we have formulated a food supplement which regulates the perspiration of the scalp and reinforces the vitality of the hair. The Volume Sweating Cure combines the sudo-regulating powers of Sage with the protective and strengthening virtues of Horsetail.

A real makeover for your hair!

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