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Is your skin dry, reddened easily, tight? Do you feel tingling or itchy? These manifestations are the sign of weakened, sensitive or hypersensitive skin. Your skin may be atopy-prone, ultra-reactive, or prone to acne. Whatever its peculiarities, it requires appropriate care that helps it regain balance and strengthen its immunity.

A study carried out in 2017 on 20,000 volunteers over the age of 15 (representative of the French population), revealed that 65% of those questioned had sensitive skin (including 13% very sensitive). This skin sensitivity was more common in women and even more in those living in cities. Why such an “epidemic” of skin sensitivity? Obviously, contemporary lifestyles are involved in this weakening of the skin. This is due to multiple factors, such as pollution, diet or stress. Hygiene habits and the cosmetics used are also involved. Most products on the market ignore the needs of sensitive skin: a suitable pH, enhanced hydration, the absence of alcohol, synthetic preservatives ...

Habits you need to change

  • Avoid thermal shock to your skin. Wash yourself off with lukewarm water (not too cold or too hot). Better to forget the Saunas and Hammam ...
  • Ban products with alkaline pH. Natural soaps (surgras or not) are to be avoided (pH> 9). They alter the hydrolipidic film and worsen skin sensitivity. Ditto for products containing baking soda or talc.
  • Never use abrasive masks or exfoliating products!
  • Avoid cosmetics containing irritants such as sulphated surfactants such as sodium laureth or lauryl sulphate present in many shower gels or shampoos. Also avoid products containing alcohol or essential oils.
  • Beware of synthetic preservatives which are allergenic, including some admitted in the organic product standard, such as Benzyl Alcohol.

At Biosme, it's for meet the specific needs of weakened skin that we have developed a range of facial and body care that protects, strengthens and repairs sensitive skin whatever its nature: dry, oily or combination. In the Biosme range, there is a treatment designed for each type of skin and each gesture of your routine.

At the heart of our formulas, we have included hydration which is the key to healthy and resilient skin. Then we selected ultra-protective and natural repairing active ingredients, such as fermented plant ingredients (oil, hydrosol, extract) with exceptional virtues and particularly well tolerated by sensitive skin. Then we gave the skin additional resources to better defend itself against external aggressions by strengthening our formulas with probiotic and prebiotic active ingredients. Finally, we have carried out unprecedented work on natural conservation methods and robust to avoid synthetic preservatives which attack weakened skin.

With Biosme, fragile and sensitive skin now has expert natural and certified organic care to regain comfort and safety on a daily basis.

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