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Cosmétiques et Labels : la philosophie et les engagements de BIOSME

Cosmetics and Labels: BIOSME's philosophy and commitments

Organic and natural labels are popping up everywhere. It is difficult to find your way around all these acronyms and choose the product that meets the desired quality and safety requirements. Update on our vision for the label.

Health controversy, environmental or societal commitment, there is no lack of reasons to move towards labeled products. At BIOSME, we have chosen to have our products certified to go to the end of a process of transparency and requirement on the quality of our formulas.

To support us in this process, we have chosen the two historic organic organizations in France: Ecocert Greenlife and Cosmebio. The products in the daydry probiotics range carry the Cosmos Natural, Cosmos Organic or Cosmebio label, depending on the case.

What is it about ?


Since January 1, 2017, in a desire to simplify and harmonize the various standards, five certification bodies (BDIH, Cosmebio, Ecocert, ICEA and Soil Association) have initiated a new label: Cosmos, for COSmetic Organic Standard. It replaces the labels of the five associations in order to guarantee an identical level of requirements for European consumers.

The COSMOS NATURAL label guarantees that:

  • cosmetics do not contain synthetic products, in particular synthetic fragrances or controversial preservatives.
  • that the products do not contain GMOs, nanomaterials or ingredients resulting from irradiation or ethoxylation processes.
  • that the packaging is recyclable and non-polluting.
  • that the manufacturer buys himself and controls the quality of each of the ingredients he chooses
  • that the partners (packaging manufacturer, contractors, packers) all respect the same standards.

The COSMOS ORGANIC label also guarantees that the plant ingredients are at least 95% from Organic Farming and that the share of raw organic plant products in the finished product is at least 20%.

Our deodorant products do not contain raw plant products but fermented plants rich in probiotic active ingredients. They are COSMOS NATURAL.

Our washing products combine fermented plants and raw plant active ingredients from organic farming. They are COSMOS ORGANIC

In addition to the high requirements of the COSMOS standard, our cosmetic products comply with an essential internal standard for us:

  • They preserve the skin microbiome as much as possible
  • They are non-irritating to sensitive skin (no alcohol, bicarbonate or sulfate)
  • They do not contain any CMRs (mutagenic, carcinogenic and reprotoxic compounds) frequently present in essential oils and certain natural active ingredients.
  • They contain little or no preservatives and allergens.
  • They are guaranteed vegan and cruelty free (we are PETA members)
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