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Boutons, rougeurs, sécheresse, comment prendre soin de sa peau sous le masque

Pimples, redness, dryness, how to take care of your skin under the mask

Since last March, the mask has entered our lives and its small inconveniences too! Indispensable in the panoply of barrier gestures which slow down the epidemic and protect against infection, whatever its material (paper or tissue), it has repercussions on the health of the skin. Our advice to soothe the skin in crisis, restore its balance and strengthen its natural defenses

Help, I have lots of buttons!

Whether you have blemish-prone skin or not, wearing a mask can cause pimples to break out, or even a return of acne attacks. In question the humid atmosphere of the mask and the friction which attacks the skin. To defend itself, the skin secretes more sebum, the pores become blocked, bacteria and yeasts love it! This phenomenon has a name: the maskne! So how to fight against this "culture broth" and find a soothed skin?

1 - Every evening, it is imperative clean your skin well and remove all traces of makeup and impurities accumulated during the day. Use a duo of Silky Oil and Purifying Protective Bubble, which gently cleanse and detoxify.

2 - Then on the rinsed and clean skin, apply with a cotton the Night Dew which will deeply unclog the pores and rebalance the skin flora. Do not rinse.

3 - In the morning, before makeup, treat the areas of pimples with the night dew before applying a moisturizer.

4 - Be careful, you must choose a light moisturizing day cream that does not suffocate the skin trapped under the mask. The Matte Absolute with its two bamboo formula which absorbs excess sebum, while hydrating the skin and rebalancing the skin flora is the perfect treatment!

5 - Remember to change your mask very regularly! After 4 hours of use, they are real bacteria traps and their effectiveness is quite doubtful!

6 - Finally, avoid using make-up that is too covering (and oily). Swapping your foundation or BB Cream for a loose powder is the right option. You will keep all the benefits of your skincare routine!


My skin is red and parched!

Is your skin red, itchy and itchy? Do you even feel burning sensations in some places? In question, the friction of the mask on the face which alters the skin barrier, an irritation aggravated by the disinfectants contained in the fibers of the masks. The weakened skin suffers: it reddens, heats up and tingles. How to soothe the skin and help it regain its natural defenses?

1 - Prohibit micellar water or too aggressive cleansing gels for removing make-up and cleansing the skin. And above all, ban natural soaps (surgras or not)! Silky oil cleanser and makeup remover is the perfect treatment for cleanse while preserving and restoring the hydrolipidic film. Spread a small amount on damp skin, then rinse off with lukewarm water. If you don't like oils, the hydrating bubble is an excellent compromise. Intensely moisturizing and formulated with ultra soft surfactants, it protects the skin from dryness. 

2 - Soothe, rehydrate the skin and restore its natural defenses overnight. The Biotic Elixir with its complex of 3 ultra-regenerating precious oils and its protective probiotic active ingredient will calm the skin, restore the flora and deeply rehydrate.

3 - Prevent discomfort by using a moisturizer in the morning that nourishes without clogging the pores. The Rich Absolute with its fine texture which penetrates easily and its serum concentration in active ingredients protecting the flora will offer an effective shield against friction and irritation.

4 - Once a week, apply a thin layer of the repairing balm Soft skin on freshly washed skin, without making it penetrate, like a mask, then remove the excess by patting the face with a warm towel.  


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