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Refill deodorant Bubble fresh tea

Deodorant refill with probiotic actives,

  • Deodorant refill with probiotic actives, a long-lasting gesture
  • For the whole family Compact Eco-refill 100mL in 100% recycled plastic
  • Returnable product Perfume: peach REFILL Bubble fresh tea 100ml
  • An economic and ecological refill that allows to refill 2 times the deodorant Bubble fresh tea 4 to 5 months of use.

Why we imagined it?

Ocean plastic pollution has become a major ecological issue. In 2050, if nothing is done, there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans! Food packaging, cosmetics or construction waste will end up in the seas because of the low recycling rate of this waste in France as in the rest of the world.

With the bubble fresh tea refill you can reuse your roll-on for several months. And icing on the cake, the refill is consigned, you earn gift points by returning your refill to us.

3 steps for a smart and eco-friendly deodorant:

I use my deodorant daily to protect my skin I refill it twice with my 100 ml refill

I return my refill The refill with deposit

With the 100 ml refill, BIOSME once again confirms its commitment to the environment.

Returned refills will be reused or recycled again.

Return the product in a postage-paid envelope with your name and customer address in the mail. Return address: BIOSME, 75 rue Claude Decaen 75012 Paris France.

Upon receipt, your customer account will be credited with 10 points, i.e. a value of 1.50 euros to be accumulated or deducted during your next purchases on