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Les soins de beauté fermentés, révolution de la cosmétique naturelle

Fermented beauty treatments, a revolution in natural cosmetics

Kombucha, kefir, kimchi, do you know? These fermented foods are renowned for their multiple benefits: they protect our intestinal flora and at the same time our health and immunity. Which is good for our tummy, and also good for our skin!

Between tradition and innovation

Fermented foods have always had a prominent place in Asian cuisine. Koreans attribute a thousand virtues to them and have recently integrated them into their cosmetic products. At Biosme, we worship them! Biological fermentation opens with it a whole new generation of natural cosmetic ingredients. By fermenting plant extracts, we preserve the benefits of plants without heating them or altering them (in the same way as we ferment food to preserve them). The fermented active ingredients in particular facilitate the production of antioxidants while strengthening the skin's immunity and bacterial balance.

A deodorant with probiotic active ingredients and fermented organic extracts

Cosmetic treatments based on fermented plant active ingredients are particularly suitable for sensitive skin. Following transformation by microorganisms, the natural fermented ingredients are particularly well tolerated by the skin, better absorbed and more effective. Thus, the fermented bamboo hydrolate in DayDry natural deodorant remarkably increases the hydration of the skin and, this, from the first use. In synergy with the probiotic active ingredients of the formula, it participates in the development of good bacteria on the skin and therefore in the reduction of inflammation.

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