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Cosmétiques et Grossesse : Comment prendre soin de soi et de son bébé

Cosmetics and Pregnancy: How to take care of yourself and your baby

Pregnancy is a unique and precious moment that deserves our full attention. During this period, the mother-to-be and her little inhabitant are very vulnerable to the environment. Like drugs, the use of cosmetic products must be controlled

 Watch out for labels!

Most chemicals in the environment and on our skin come from our bathrooms. Aggressive preservatives, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, the formulas of cosmetic and hygiene products used on a daily basis are not without danger. As a precaution, products containing risky substances should be avoided during entire pregnancy. Among the substances at risk are mainly MIT (methylisothiazolinone) and derivatives, parabens, phthalates, PEGs, EDTA, triclosan, alcohol, surfactants such as SLS and ALS. But allergens should also be avoided. During pregnancy, hormonal disruption causes skin hypersensitivity which can trigger allergies. European cosmetic regulations require cosmetic manufacturers to include these allergens on the labels of their products (at the end of the INCI lists), but this is not the case for products outside Europe, especially those from the United States. 

Favor natural products!

Natural and organic products should be favored for both hygiene and care. But beware, natural is not synonymous with harmlessness. Essential oils, for example, should be avoided during pregnancy because of their strongly suspected teratogenic power (likely to cause malformations in children whose mother was treated during pregnancy). Likewise, some natural ingredients contain compounds, which can always be labeled, which can be harmful. This is the case of CMRs (carcinogenic, mutagenic and reprotoxic compounds) present in particular in natural rose-based products (essential oils, perfume or extract), but also in many traditional cosmetic products.

Choosing the right deodorant!

Deodorants are among the most controversial hygiene products mainly for their aluminum salt content. The catch is that during pregnancy, expectant mothers sweat more and the smells are more noticeable. So how do you choose the right deodorant? Rule number 1: ban all deodorants containing essential oils! Especially during the first trimester as they could cause miscarriages. It is necessary to privilege the natural formulas based on vegetable hydrosol which allow to regulate the perspiration gently. BIOSME offers a natural deodorant, aluminum salt-free, alcohol-free, with an allergen-free fragrance to regulate perspiration thanks to probiotic active ingredients. Like all products in the range, it is also CMR-free.

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