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Preserve your microbiome

Le microbiome humain, ce sont les millions de microorganismes qui vivent avec nous. Sans eux, nous ne pourrions pas digérer les aliments que nous consommons, nous défendre contre les bactéries pathogènes. Notre peau n'assurerait plus sa fonction barrière contre les agressions extérieures : les infections, le soleil, les abrasions. Aujourd’hui la moitié de la population mondiale vit en ville, et les ¾ de la population française. En parallèle de cette migration urbaine, les médecins observent une explosion des maladies inflammatoires telles que les allergies, l’eczéma, la dermatite atopique ou les maladies auto-immunes.
The microbiome weakened by hygiene products
By moving away from nature, we have depleted the bacterial populations that live on our skin and help us defend ourselves against diseases and external aggressions. If we add to this the intensive use of antibacterial products, overly powerful detergents, the repeated use of cosmetics and ordinary soaps with high pH and containing aggressive chemical agents, we unintentionally weaken our skin microbiome every day. A simple shower with a shower gel containing too powerful preservatives or a too high pH can destroy millions of good bacteria living on our epidermis, leaving our skin unprotected. So imagine the effect of daily use of these products on the skin microbiome! It's time to change our hygiene routines!

Here are a few simple rules that will help you boost and protect your microbiome:

First reflex: Sorting things out in the bathroom
Banish washing gels or shampoos containing sulphates such as Sodium Lauryl sulphate or Sodium Laureth sulphate. These overly strong detergents are harmful to the microbiome. Avoid the use of alkaline cosmetics. Their pH close to 8 or 9, or even higher than 10 attacks the microbiome causing the death of the good bacteria present on our skin. This is the case with classic or natural soaps, baking soda or alcohol.

Second reflex: Pamper your skin and its "nice hosts"
Do not wash more than twice a day. Do not take a hot shower or bath. Do not peel too often. Do not rub your skin too vigorously with a washcloth. Your microbiome needs rest. The daily aggressions, rubbing of clothes, sun, temperature variation or pollution are already stressful.

Third reflex: Renounce the obsession with asepsis
Use antibacterial hand lotions or antibacterial hand soaps only when necessary (epidemic period). Choose natural, less aggressive household products. By creating a sterile "medium", they deplete our microbiome.

Fourth reflex: Feed your microbiome
Fermented food products are in fashion. So much the better! They contain probiotics and prebiotics that are beneficial to our microbiome. Consume them without moderation. Kefirs, Kombucha, yoghurt, soy sauce... You are spoilt for choice! What is true for our intestinal microbiome is also true for our skin. Probiotic cosmetic care (still few in number) such as BIOSME's hygiene care helps you to take care of your skin by protecting and nourishing these precious inhabitants.