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Every year, one in three women will suffer from a vaginal condition. In almost two thirds of cases, it is vaginitis or vaginosis. These frequent infections are not without dangers.

Lower genital infections are the main cause of smelly vaginal discharge, promote sexually transmitted diseases, and are involved in many miscarriages. At the origin of these conditions, gynecologists note an imbalance of the vaginal flora due to a decrease in the presence of lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacilli). The prevalence of vaginosis and vaginitis can be explained in part by poor hygiene practices. Doctors are sounding the alarm bells and worrying about the lack of information from their patients.

Such a precious microbiome

In the vagina and on the vulva, the microbiome plays a crucial role in immune defense, as elsewhere on our skin and in our digestive tract. It helps fight on a daily basis all kinds of infections, the all too famous (and painful) candidiasis, but also more severe attacks from viruses such as papillomaviruses or herpes. As soon as it is unbalanced, it is the debacle. The body loses its defensive capacities and the infections recur causing more serious problems. Much of the miscarriage and even infertility could be the result.

Hygiene, an essential key to intimate health

Most of the hygiene products available on the market, including those intended for personal hygiene, ignore the needs of the private area; namely an acidic pH, a composition which preserves lactobacilli (without antibacterials and without preservatives), a strong hydrating power. Health professionals recommend that you ban douching, do not wash too often, and in all cases avoid alkaline products (such as soaps) or anti-bacterial products that destroy the protective lactobacilli.

Biosme is mobilized for women

At BIOSME PARIS, we devote a real cult to the microbiome and its preservation. That's why we decided to take up this challenge: to formulate an intimate cleansing gel that best preserves the natural immunity of women by taking care of their vaginal microbiome.

For the development of our formula, as for all of our hygiene products, we have adhered to a strict charter in order to best preserve the balance of the resident flora, even to rebalance it: respect the natural pH of the area , preserve the lipid film and protect against itching by maintaining a natural bacterial balance with probiotic regulators, use mild surfactants to wash without attacking. And we took the reflection further by eliminating all potential imbalance factors: preservatives, alcohol, perfume

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