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Peau sèche ou peau déshydratée ?

Dry skin or dehydrated skin?

Knowing your skin type does not necessarily indicate its needs or lacks. Contrary to popular belief, skin can be both oily and dehydrated whether it is sensitive or not. All skin types need hydration, and oily or combination skin is no exception.

Dry skin is characterized by low production of sebum on the face and body. Dehydrated skin suffers from a lack of water regardless of their sebum production. Their needs are not the same and will guide the choice of appropriate care.

So how do I know if my skin is dehydrated?

Dehydration is caused by multiple factors: weather conditions, pollution, heating, diet, excessive coffee consumption. As a general rule, it is in winter that the skin tends to become dehydrated.

The symptoms of dehydrated skin are characteristic: punctual tightness, tingling and lack of flexibility. The skin becomes uncomfortable and sometimes takes on a grayish appearance. Another alert, dark circles appear under the eyes even before 30 years or become more visible. Small wrinkles can also mark the corner of the eyes, frequently associated with redness and small inflammation.

Dry skin is also uncomfortable but it has specific signs: a dry touch, drier areas around the nose and mouth. The skin does not get dry, it is a whole type of skin, like oily or combination skin. Dry skin is not lacking in water, but in lipids, it cannot produce enough sebum to maintain its barrier function and becomes fragile.

How to take care of dehydrated skin?

First reflex, ban from your routines aggressive care that worsens dehydration and replace them with moisturizing care at all phases of your routines: cleanser, tonic, day or night care

Drink plenty of water (at least one liter a day). Avoid consuming too much coffee, a strong diuretic that worsens dehydration. The right ritual: a soup in the evening for dinner and a vegetable juice during the day.

Lower the temperature in your room and put a humidifier or, failing that, a glass of water near the heat source.

Our selection of treatments for dehydrated skin

- For daily cleansing of the face, the Purifying Bubble for oily or combination skin and the Hydrating Bubble for dry skin

- For skin protection, Absolu Mat for oily or combination skin, Absolu Riche for dry skin

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