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Le microbiome capillaire, un capital santé beauté

The hair microbiome, a beauty health capital

With their complexes of prebiotic and probiotic active ingredients, their natural cleansing and astringent active ingredients, the shampoos in the Biosme hair range protect the health of the hair.

With perspiration, climatic hazards or pollution, the hair is subjected to multiple attacks which unbalance the hair microbiome. This imbalance is the cause of multiple problems for the hair: excess sebum, itching, dandruff, dryness ... Far from gently rebalancing the health of the scalp and hair, conventional shampoos often worsen its problems by altering the homeostasis of the microbiome.

A break from these conventional formulas, the Biosme range revolutionizes hygiene care by acting on the balance of the skin microbiome. Biosme cleansers respect the natural pH of the skin, preserve the lipid film and protect against ailments by maintaining a natural bacterial balance. Their formula based on mild surfactants washes without attacking, their prebiotic and probiotic active ingredients preserve the barrier function of the skin.

For each imbalance problem, the Biosme hair range offers a suitable formula:

Thin hair and / or damp, sticky scalp

If your hair lacks volume and your hair is thin, you are probably suffering from a lack of hair density. Hair stuck to the scalp gets dirty faster, especially if you are very active. As a result, you wash your hair very frequently, or even every day. If you practice sports diligently, your hair will suffer from excess sweating. Sweat releases salt which over time can dry out hair, clog skin pores, promote excess sebum and imbalance the pH of the scalp and hair. These imbalances promote anarchic bacterial development, causing discomfort, itching, and even hair loss. The regular use of a sweat regulating and protective shampoo will make it possible to limit the impact of perspiration on the hair and to restore their vigor, such as the Volumizing freshness shampoo from Biosme.

Sticky and / or dull hair and scalp

Your hair becomes tacky very quickly, it has lost its shine. Your scalp is sometimes irritated (itchy, oily sensation). Your hair may be suffering from urban pollution. Pollution has a real impact on the health of the scalp. Increase in oxidative stress, weakening of the skin barrier, increased sensitization, subjected to these daily attacks, the weakened scalp is no longer able to display a beautiful and healthy hair.

To fight against the harmful effects of pollution and find naturally beautiful and healthy hair, Use a detoxifying shampoo with high cleaning efficiency but which respects the balance of a scalp sensitized by pollution, such as Biosme Detox Shine shampoo.

Dry or dehydrated hair and scalp

If your hair is dry, brittle, fragile, with split ends, you are probably suffering from a lack of sebum or from dryness linked to external aggressions: sun, wind, pollution, sea or swimming pool water, brushings or smoothing, bleaching and perms ... In all cases, your scalp is weakened and dehydrated. It needs to be strengthened and protected to fight against water loss and restore strength and flexibility to the hair. For washing, the ideal is therefore to choose a gentle formula enriched with oils and vegetable butters (shea, olive, mango, sweet almond ...), rather in the form of a cream shampoo without sulfates. This is the case with the Biosme Moisturizing Shampoo which combines ultra-mild surfactants, organic coconut oil, probiotics and protective prebiotics.


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