feminine hygiene - Rose intime


Women's hygiene gel Rose intime  - Protective formula with probiotics actives

Rose intime hygiene product is an organic hypoallergenic formula specifically designed and clinically proven to take care of a woman's intimate zone.  Through patented probiotic technology, gently moisturize and protect the skin. 



Rose intime: the premier intimate washing gel with probiotic actives

Finally, an organic washing gel that gently and effectively cleans the intimate area.  Rose intime washing gel bolsters the natural cleaning action of showering while preserving the balance of the microbiome.

Used externally, Rose intime ensures perfect hygiene of the intimate area without altering or damaging the long-term health of the hyrolipidic film.  Patented probiotic action preserves and reinforces the natural immunity of the skin.

  • Ecocert Greenlife certified organic vegan formula, no contaminated ingredients, no sulphates, no allergens, no fragrances, no presrvatives, no RMC

Daily Use

  • Ensures gentle hygiene
  • Moisturizes and protects
  • Sanitizes the intimate area and prevents odor
  • Naturally scented rose hydrosol
  • Without fragrance
  • Without preservatives
  • 100% Made in France


Did you know?

The vaginal microbiome is composed of billions of bacteria, predominantly lactobacilli, that exhibit extraordinary health regulating properties.  However, this microbiome is fragile and can be distrupted in many ways (antibiotics, hormonal changes, harmful ingredients present in standard hygiene products, stress, fatigue, tobacco, sexual activity, etc...).

Once impaired, the vaginal microbiome opens the door to opportunistic infections including fungal infections (candidiasis), vaginosis, cystitis, and sexually transmitted diseases.  This imbalance represents a danger to pregnant women and can significantly increase the risk of miscarriage and premature delivery.

Data sheet

kind of skin
Normal, sensitive, suitable for pregnant and lactating women
Dermatologist approved
Tested under dermatological control
Not tested for animals
Cruelty free
Made in France

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