The BIOSME story began with an unusual challenge, formulate a natural deodorant that really works !  At that stage, we were far from imagining what this project would reveal to us: the importance of the human Microbiome, its extraordinary functioning and all that cosmetics could do to preserve it.

In 2015, we patented a complex « PRO-ACTIVE DEO » combining Saccharomyces and Lactobacillus ferments to regulate body sweat odor. With this complex, our first range of Biosme hygiene cosmétics was born : deodorants with probiotic actives, currently certified by COSMOS Natural and ECOCERT. 

By launching DayDry deodorant and creating BIOSME, we broke (without really looking for it) cosmetic code. We continue to pioneer formulas that are effective, simple, and short.  We do so while retaining our respect the  for skin microbiome and the vital role in plays in keeping our skin healthy. We are committed to natural and organic cosmetics, with vegan ingredients found in France. These values push us every day to imagine new products for all skin types that the whole family can enjoy.

Biosme is at the begining of the whole thing. Our heath depends on the diversity of our microbiota (microbiome), BIOSME is committed to protecting it.