Let's be real: French cosmetics are the best !
Like our wine, cheese, pastries, gastronomy and " grouse" ...

To manufacture our cosmetics, we work with committed partners, ultra professionals, all located within kilometers of our offices. This is benefit of being located in a country with a deep tradition of excellence in cosmetics with worldwide recognition.

Our foundational principles are steeped in this Parisian mindset and have shaped the direction of our company in the following ways:

First, our products are developed according to very high standards of excellence to maintain the pristine reputation of French cosmetic products.

Second, all of our formulas respect European Cosmetics Regulation, one of the strictest in the world. A regulation that requires each formula to be tested and validated through rigorous procedures before being sold to market.  They also ensure that our labels include all ingredients (even those in infinitesimal quantity) to be displayed for all to see.

On top of these already strict regulations, we are also in compliance with COSMOS repository controlled by an established French organization that only certifies products that maintain environment and organic farming: ECOCERT GREENLIFE.

In summary, our cosmetics are 100% tricolor:

  • Our formulas are developed internally in Paris
  • Our cosmetic manufacturing laboratories are located in « Vallée de la Loire » and in « L’Oise ».
  • Our packagings are made in « Jura »
  • Our labels are printed in « Bretagne »
  • Our natural perfumes in « Provence »

Cococorico !!! :-)