Since the beginning of the BIOSME story, we have commited ourselves to developing formulas completely absent of potentially harmful ingredients.  If we catch wind of a potential issue with an ingredient, we work with alacrity to remove it and replace it with a natural alternative.

This work of elaboration and reformulation is at the center of our developlent process.  We are exceedingly selective in our choice of ingredients and work diligently to ensure that each ingredient is safe, not only for people of all ages, but also for the environment and its diverse inhabitants.

It is in this spirit that, since the beginning of 2018, we have undertaken to have all of our natural and organic formulas certified by Ecocert Greenlife.

By committing ourselves to the COSMOS certification process, we have raised the level of requirement on all development procedures and stay informed of all new research in the field.  We select and buy every ingredient we use to remove any doubt about its origins and to maintain our standard of excellence.  This standard is not only in compliance with ECOCERT regulations, but also with our own personal code of ethics.  We will only use ingredients that respect the microbiome and refuse to use any compounds (chemical or natural) that are potentially dangerous for health.  Full stop.

Today, we are committed to using:

  • Biotech-derived probiotic and prebiotic actives that protect the microbiome
  • Plant and natural extracts with the COSMOS label
  • Guaranteed exclusively vegan ingredients not tested on animals.  Cruelty-free.
  • Ingredients without CMR or heavy metals
  • Vegetable ingredients from organic farming

This ecological approach is also accompanied by a concious choice to select packaging that is locally made in France, fully recyclable, and without gratuitous over-packaging.

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