Preserve our microbiome

Published : 2018-01-22 15:42:11
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Preserve our microbiome

Nowadays, considered as an important organ in its own right, the role of a weakened microbiota has already been identified as a contributor to the rise of several types of disease, ranging from obesity to diabetes, psoriasis, allergies, and even anxiety!  The cutaneous microbiota, true health capital, is aquired at birth and populates the whole body within two minutes of one's introduction to the world with diverse populations of micro-organisms.  The micro-organisms interact with each other and also with cells of the body, particularly with those that contribute to the defensive capabilities of the immune system.  Keeping this complex balance is vital to the health and prseervation of the skin's protective function.

The microbiota weakened by hygiene products

A Simple shower with a classic shower gel can be the equivalent of a hurricane for micro-organisms living on our skin, damaging this natural ecosystem and disrupting the resident microbial composition.

Hygiene products at alkaline pH (such as Bicarbonate) destroy this fragile balance and predispose one to a number of skin infections and inflammatory conditions.  Similarly, antibacterial produts such as Tricolosan (soon to be banned in the US), solutions containing a high alcohol content (especially ones with elevated levels of essential oils), or aggressive preservatives, eliminate healthy bacteria on the skin.  This state leaves the microbiota and the skin vulnerable to pathogenic germs.

A revolution towards immuno-cosmetic

What is good for our digestive system is also beneficial for our skin!  Research on the cutaneous microbiota has demonstrated the many benifits of probiotics used in topically applied products.  Created through the fermentation of certain plants by lactic acid bacteria or yeast under certain conditions, probiotic cosmetic active agents have multiple beneficial effects on the health of the skin: their ability to regulate bacterial flora with moisturization, their antioxidant properties, and their anti-inflammatory action.

Probiotic ferments act by protecting the homeostasis of the cutaneous microbiota.  They promote the growth of benifical micro-organisms for the epidermis by providing them with nutritional supplements and/or by inhibiting the development of opportunistic bacteria responsible for imbalances.  By protecting the microbiota, probiotics allow it to fulfill its role: fight against extneral aggressions such as pollution, stress, ailments, and viruses. 

Biosme Probiotic range, your health alliance with the microbiota

Through the development of our range of BIOSME probiotic care, we have sought to create simple, effective, and natural hygiene care.  The care proucts of the BIOSME probiotic range respect the natural, slightly acidic, pH balance of the skin.  The formulas stay far away from controversial ingredients to ensure the preservation of the lipid films of the dermis.  Thanks to the Pro-active Deo complex, which combines lactobacilli and saccharomyces, BIOSME's probiotic care prevents the development of the bacteria responsible for sweat odors through biological reaction.  This is accomplished without disturbing the natural balance of the microbiota in order to ensure its protective role.  A perfect marriage between exemplary hygiene care and the continued preservation of healthy skin!

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