Fermented ingredients, the beauty care revolution

Published : 2018-09-08 09:10:46
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Fermented ingredients, the beauty care revolution

Kombucha, kefir, kimchi.  Over the last decade, the West has seen an explosion of healthy probiotic products.  Some fermented herbal dishes are known for their multitude of health benifits: they protect our intestinal flora, health, and immunity.    What is good for our bellies is also good for our skin!

Between tradition and innovation

Fermented dishes have always been important in East-Asian culture.  Koreans attribute a thousand health benifits to them.  Now, they're being introduced into cosmetics for these same benifits.  Here at BIOSME, we worship the wonderous capabilities of fermentation.  Biological fermentation is key to our vision for the future of natural and organic cosmetic products.  Fermented actives allow for the production of antioxidants, while also enhancing the immunity and balance of the skin. 

A probiotic deodorant with biofermented extracts 

Fermented plant ingredients in cosmetic care are particularly approppriate for sensitive skin.  As opposed to brands that rely on purely chemical formulas to combat odor, deodorants that derive their active ingredients from naturally fermented plants benifit from a reduction in allergenic irritation and an enhancement in the natural capabilities of the ingredient.  For example, bamboo floral water has natural moisturizing qualities.  The fermentation process increases those moisturizing capabilities of said bamboo floral water even further, allowing for a more effective product.  Further, probiotic products are well-tolerated, more easily absorbed, and generally more efficient than their chemically produced competition.  You will notice the difference upon the very first application.

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