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  • Fermented ingredients, the beauty care revolution
    Published : 09/08/2018 09:10:46 | Categories : News

    Kombucha, kefir, and kimchi. The wonderful probiotic properties that apply to food translate to skincare, as well!

  • Cosmetics and Pregnancy: How to take care of yourself and your baby
    Published : 09/01/2018 11:15:41 | Categories : News

    Pregnancy is a unique and precious moment which deserves attention. During pregnancy, the future mother and her little one are vulnerable. As such, cosmetic products must be diligently chosen.

  • Preserve our microbiome
    Published : 01/22/2018 15:42:11 | Categories : News

    The skin is colonized by trillions of bacteria, yeasts, fungi, viruses, archaea, small arthropods, by what is known as the microbiota. These micro-organisms are vital allies, fighting for our health.